A Shared Initiative, Inc. (ASII)

A Shared Initiative, Inc. (ASII) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established post-Katrina as an extension of the community development arm of ASI Federal Credit Union.

ASII works to promote economic empowerment and financial justice and mobility to people who have been historically overlooked by traditional financial institutions.

Through a commitment to economic empowerment and financial justice, the mission of ASII is to provide affordable lending opportunities and expand access to financial education and other vital community services. ASI and ASII work together towards a shared vision of eliminating poverty in the communities we serve.




ASII offers a 12-hour, HUD approved, first-time home buyer workshop instructed by certified housing counselors. During the course of the workshop all topics of home ownership are covered including: lending, real estate, insurance, closing, etc. At the conclusion of the course participants receive a certificate that is active for two years. This certificate is required in order to qualify for most mortgage assistance programs. For more information, or to reserve a space, call 504.733.7274 x79703.


ASII offers one-on-one counseling sessions where a tri-merge copy of your credit report can be pulled and reviewed. Our counselors are experienced and can provide direction on how to improve your credit. 

Our staff has the tools and resources required to help you repair your credit and strengthen your scores for any lending need. Our counselors will work with you from the beginning to the end. Through our partnership with ASI Federal Credit Union, we are able to offer clients products that can help them on the paths of rebuilding their credit or eliminating debt. Available products are:

Secured Credit Cards - Secured loan from $200-$500 to establish or rebuild credit
Asset Builder Loan -
Loan with savings account attached to promote savings
Credit Enhancement Plan - Line of credit with alternative underwriting criteria to help build positive credit history
For more information, visit asharedinitiative.org or call 504.733.7274 x79703 or x79704.


ASII can provide financial seminars to your group or staff. The following workshops are available and can be customized to fit your needs and your time constraints:

Bank On It!: An introduction to credit union services
Keep It Safe: Your rights as a consumer
Borrowing Basics: Introduction to building and rebuilding credit
Own Your Home:
Homeownership preparation
Loan to Own:
Know what you are borrowing before you buy
Money Matters
: How to budget and keep track of your money

Please call 504.733.7274 x79704  for more information.


ASII offers a micro loan program for small businesses that are unable to obtain or get approved for conventional financing. The program offers low interest loans with a maximum seven year repayment term. Loan amounts can range from $1,000 to $250,000. Loan proceeds can be used to finance the purchase of business property, inventory, equipment, vehicles, and/or working capital. For more information, contact us at 504.733.7274 x79704.



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