Be Prepared for the 2018 Hurricane Season


ASI Federal Credit Union understands the need to access account information in instances of natural disasters or emergencies. Know that immediately before, during, or after power outages or inclement weather, a variety of factors may make it impossible for ASI to open some or all of its branch locations. Please use this information and account preparation instructions to aid in your personal emergency plans.

ASI offers FREE ways to access your account during an emergency:
- by using ASIís 24-hour account access through our Online Banking System (EASI).
- by downloading our Mobile Banking App (must be enrolled in Online Banking).
- by visiting any Co-op Shared Service Branch location in ASIís shared branch network
- by using ASIís 24-hour account access through our phone system (DASI) at 800.749.6193

Both online banking and phone systems allow you to check your balance, see what checks have cleared or been deposited, and transfer funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ASIís Shared Branch Network allows you to visit any participating credit union service center nationwide to check your ASI account balance and perform many basic transactions.

Already know your evacuation route and/or location? Click here for Co-op Shared Service Branch locations, or call 800.919.CUSC (2872) to find a shared branch near you. 

How to use the Online Banking System:
To use EASI, ASIís free online system, you will need to log on to our website, If you have used EASI before, simply enter your Member Number and password to log into the Online Banking system. If you are new to EASI, click the Enroll in Online Banking link on the homepage. Once prompted, you will need your Member ID Number and Social Security Number. 


How to find a Co-op Shared Branch:
ASI partners with a number of Financial institutions across the country to provide you with access to your account during emergencies. You must have Member Number and proper identification to access your account. Most service centers are open Monday through Saturday, and can assist you with a number of services including:
ē Checking Your Balances 
ē Check Cashing
ē Deposits and Withdrawals* 
ē Loan Payments
ē Account Transfers 
ē Purchase of Travelerís Checks & Money Orders
*Some withdrawal limits may apply. 

How to use the Phone System:
To access DASI, ASIís audio response phone system, call 504.733.7274 or 800.749.6193. This number may also be used to speak with our Telephone Service Representatives. You will need your Member Number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).



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