Home Refinancing

Couple signing refinance agreement.Are you happy with your current mortgage rate and terms? There are many reasons why the mortgage agreement that once served you well might no longer meet your needs, and in these cases, home refinancing may be a good option to better suit your current financial situation. If you're interested in exploring refinancing, meet with a financial advisor from ASI Federal Credit Union to discuss your needs and learn more about the options available to you.

Reasons to Refinance

Most ASI members decide to pursue home refinancing for one of two reasons. First, they may want to utilize the equity in their home to fund a project. It's very common for updates and repairs of all kinds to be required over time, from an additional bathroom to a new roof or siding. In these cases, refinancing can be a smart way to make use of the equity you've already created in your home.

In other cases, homeowners are interested in achieving a better interest rate or terms. As time goes on, many individuals are able to improve their credit rating and qualify for a lower rate. They may also realize they're able to pay more each month, shortening the duration of time they'll need to repay their loan, or that they wish to extend the terms to suit their preferences. In any of these situations, refinancing can be a good way to consolidate debt and save money.

Help with Home Refinancing

Refinancing your home can be just as complex as taking out the original loan was. It helps to have an experienced, trustworthy financial team on your side that can guide you through the process. When you come in, we’ll take a look at your financial situation and introduce you to all the possible options. We may also be able to offer solutions in addition to refinancing based on your needs and finances. No matter what you choose, we're dedicated to empowering every ASI member to make the best, most informed financial decisions, so that they can walk out of the office feeling confident.

Start the Home Refinancing Process Today

If you’re wondering if home refinancing is right for you, or if you’re ready to get the process started, contact ASI Federal Credit Union today. Call or stop by one of our 11 locations, including our Westwego and Mid-City branches, where you'll find financial advocates who can address a wide range of banking needs in one easy visit to make financial management as simple as possible.



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