5 Ways Kids can Earn Money: A Parent's Guide

5 Ways Kids can Earn Money: A Parent's Guide
4/23/2019 4:28:50 PM

Teen concentrating at work     One of the most important lessons you can teach   your children is the value of money. The importance of saving goes along with the idea that money is to be earned. With a little creativity and a little work you can start teaching your kids the value of hard work and they can start adding to their piggy bank. Here are a few ideas to get them started:

          1.   Help people take care of their yards: Kids can offer trusted neighbors some help with grass-cutting or leaf raking. Kids can water lawns or pick up branches. Help your kids make flyers and drop them off at houses in the neighborhood.

         2.    Wash Cars: With your help your kids can turn your driveway into a neighborhood car wash.

      3.    Babysit little kids: Once they’re legally old enough, encourage your kids to take a baby sitting class. The Junior League of New Orleans offers Safe Sitter classes that prepare kids as young as 11 to look after smaller children.   

4. Start a dog walking service: Do your kids love animals? Feeding, watching or walking dogs is a great way to make money around the neighborhood. Plus once they’re a bit older (and more responsible) they can offer to care for other pets, like birds or lizards while grown ups are away from home.

5.  Sell unwanted items: Teenagers can profit from the stores that buy gentle used clothing to re-sell. Several stores in the city will take clothes, shoes and accessories all year round to re-sell. Surf the web before going and look out for extra incentives right before the changing of seasons when these stores start loading up in anticipation for winter or summer.

When your children learn the value of hard work at a young age you can be sure that they will be well on their way to a great established financial future.


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